Small, compact, steady and noiseless. Discover the reason why PIUMA is considered a true revolution amongst fruit harvesters. The new apple transport system ensures their safety all the way to the bin. All this is possible thanks to the single motion, gentle handling of the fruit. The hydraulically controlled levelling system maintains the bin in a constantly horizontal position, particularly in cases of slanting and steep fields. With PIUMA, the time required to harvest, and the amount of fruit pickers required is considerably reduced, with the assurance of excellent results.

The conveyer belts placed at the extremity of the apple harvester smoothly move the fruit to the main belt, which deposits them directly into the bin. Compared with common models available on the market, PIUMA reduces the time required and improves the transition of the fruit, which is gently lowered into the bin with this one, unique transition between belts.

The special platform shifting (with a maximum height of 2.30 mt) makes it perfect for particularly steep fields because it is possible to work simultaneously and independently both above and below row.

In just a few minutes it is possible to transform the PIUMA into a SKY ONE 300, a practical hydraulic platform perfect for the periodical service of the field.

Moreover, the model is suitable for the use of various attachments.

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Width of the fruit harvester varyingfrom 1040 mm to 1340 mm
Lengthda 2900 mm a 3730 mm
Height from the ground170 mm
Weight2800 Kg
MotorYammar Diesel 17.6 KW / 24 HP
Track motorshydraulic, with varying powers, negative brake
Velocità1° 1,7 Km/h - 2° 3,4 Km/h
Control systemservo-assisted, electronic, electro-hydraulic
Stabilizershock absorbing and floating pressure modulation
Hydraulic plant3 pumps gear 18.5, 18.5, 18.5 l/min
Working pressure170 bar
Lareral inclination50%
Longitudinal inclination56%

SKY ONE 300 platform
Dimensions1300 mm x 1600 mm
Shifting600 mm SX - 600 mm DX
Height3000 mm

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